Integrated vision

Integrated vision

Globally, about 780 million people lack clean drinking water. More than 2.5 billion people have no access to hygienic sanitation facilities. World Waternet is dedicated to solving drinking water and waste water problems by means of integrated solutions.

Water shortage in Morocco

Water shortage in Morocco

All aspects of the water cycle

In our efforts we work closely with Dutch partners and local governments and (principally) public water companies, particularly in developing countries.

World Waternet deals with all aspects of the water cycle, from drinking water, waste water, groundwater and surface water to water shortage, flooding and water safety measures, by taking advantage of the knowledge and experience we have acquired at our sister company Waternet.

Integrated solutions

In addition to being a supplier of drinking water, Waternet is also water board for the Amsterdam region. One of its functions as water board is to safeguard the quality of the surface water. Waternet also ensures that the inhabitants of this region, which is below sea level, keep their feet dry by means of dykes, sluices and pumping stations. This combination of functions as water supplier and water board allows Waternet to contribute to finding integrated solutions to complex water problems.

Water management

The consequences of climate change, such as long-term drought and sudden flooding, more and more call for an integrated approach. The same is true for the management of surface water, contaminated water, fresh water, saline water, drinking water and waste water. The effective and efficient management of the entire water cycle requires specific expertise and the development of knowledge. As a leader in integrated water management, World Waternet is more than happy to help other parties to contribute to capacity building.   

Water for everyone

Our employees share knowledge and provide coaching and consultancy services to local water companies and governments. We do not invest in infrastructure. We are committed to building long-term relationships with our partner organisations. By sharing knowledge, we try to contribute to a world where all people have access to safe drinking water and adequate sanitary facilities. If it were up to us, everyone would be also safe from floods and there would be enough water for food production and economic growth.