Working in Mozambique since 2013

AIAS is responsible for water, sanitation and waste water treatment in all secondary towns in Mozambique. World Waternet is supporting AIAS in institutional strengthening and increasing the capacity to improve sanitation in 15 towns. Later, these towns will be a model for other towns in Mozambique.

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Roll-out of the training courses for water operators in Mozambique

World Waternet is working together with Vitens Evides International (VEI) in Mozambique to improve sustainable water and sanitation facilities in medium-sized towns. World Waternet is providing on-the-job training for local drinking water production operators. Our colleague Rob van Wijk tells us more.

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Sanitation in Mozambique

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Sanitation in 15 towns as a model for other towns in Mozambique.

Mozambique is a country in the region of 'core country' South Africa within World Waternet's Africa strategy. World Waternet is part of an integrated water and sanitation programme of strengthening the water and sanitation organisation AIAS. This public asset holding Water Company owns the water and sewerage assets in all secondary towns. World Waternet will be responsible for capacity building of AIAS in sanitation in 15 towns. Besides AIAS, informal small-scale independent water providers also own and operate local piped water systems in urban areas. The programme seeks therefore further involvement of the private sector.

Obtained and expected results

  • Improved institutional performance, practice, knowledge and skills/capabilities of public water and sanitation organisation AIAS at country- and provincial level.
  • AIAS is more capable in delivering sustainable and integrated support to local Water Operators
  • AIAS is able to attract more private sector involvement.
  • Increased level of asset management.
  • Independent financial position of AIAS.
Teus Bronius, programme manager for Wereld Waternet in Mozambique

"We founded sanitation groups with representatives from all sectors of society. They are aiming for 100% ODF (Open Defecation Free) and hope that in future, nobody will ever have to do this out of doors again."

Teus Bronius, programme manager for Wereld Waternet in Mozambique