Sino-Dutch consortium finishes Wetland Park in China


Sino-Dutch consortium finishes Wetland Park in China

Deyang, 21 September 2016 - 23 September a Wetland Park in Deyang, Southwest China will open its doors to the public. It is a pilot artificial recharge water supply system. The parks' name will be officially revealed at the opening ceremony.

wetland park Deyang ChinaThe park is designed and developed by a consortium of Chinese and the Dutch organisations World Waternet, UNESCO-IHE and de private parties MetaMeta and Eijkelkamp. The park is endorsed jointly by the mayors of Deyang and Dutch capital Amsterdam.

The city of Deyang is located in the Sichuan Basin in Southwest China. The city's water supply system can't meet its rapidly growing water demand. Deyang is not the only city with this problem. Currently, two-thirds of all Chinese cities don't have sufficient water the whole year round. On top of that cities suffer from severe water pollution caused by rapid development.

The 3-hectare park combines a recreational wetland park, an artificial groundwater recharge facility, and a drinking water production plant. The park will showcase scientific research and contribute towards public education.

Everyday, this park will turn 3 million litre of river water into drinking water. An important step in this purifying process is the filtration of water through sand beds. When water percolates into the ground the sandy layer forms a natural barrier for bacteria and viruses.

This man-made process of water infiltrating into the groundwater is also called artificial recharge. This system builds on experiences of the Amsterdam Water Supply Dunes, the main source of drinking water for the city of Amsterdam.

Project partners (Netherlands): UNESCO-IHE, World Waternet, MetaMeta, Eijkelkamp Soil & Water

Project Partners (China): Deyang Department of Housing, Urban & Rural Planning and Construction, Deyang Department of Water Affairs, Deyang Water Supply Company and Chengdu University of Technology

Funded by: Netherlands Partners for Water Programme, Deyang Municipal Government

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