Partnership SOMAGEP and World Waternet


Partnership SOMAGEP and World Waternet


SOMAGEP-SA, the Malian Water Supply Company provides drinking water in 17 cities in the country. With around 200.000 connections, they serve almost 2 million people (12% of the country's population). Most of the country faces serious water shortages throughout the year. With its headquarters in Bamako and over 20 production stations and distribution networks, their challenges are numerous.

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On May 9 2017, World Waternet signed a Memorandum of Understanding with SOMAGEP-SA, following the Letter of Intent signed in October 2016 between Mali And the Netherlands. SOMAGEP-SA and World Waternet have started to cooperate in the field of water quality control and management improvement of the company. As additional projects are currently being planned, this collaboration aims to strengthen SOMAGEP to such an extend as to attract external funding for infrastructural investments.

The ultimate goal is to provide sustainable access to safe drinking water for all people in Mali.

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