World Waternet and the Bekaa Water Establishment sign a Memorandum of Understanding improved water services in the Bekaa Valley!


World Waternet and the Bekaa Water Establishment sign a Memorandum of Understanding improved water services in the Bekaa Valley!

15 November 2017 - After the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Litani River Authority yesterday, the project 'Strengthening the Lebanese Water and Agriculture Sector' reached yet another milestone this week with the signing of the MoU with the Bekaa Water Establishment. Steven van Rossum (CEO World Waternet) and Eng. Maroun Moussalem (Director-general of BWE) signed the MoU in Zahle (Lebanon). With this MoU, both organisations commit themselves to improving the water services of the Bekaa Valley in Lebanon.


Steven van Rossum (World Waternet) and Maroun Moussalem (BWE) sign the MoU

Lebanon has to deal with an increasing stress on its water resources due to population growth, climate change and the influx of displaced persons as a result of the crisis in Syria. Water supply and sanitation in Lebanon is characterized by a number of challenges. In Lebanon, four regional Water Establishments (WEs) are responsible for providing potable water, wastewater treatment and irrigation water. However, these Water Establishments, which are often have difficulties to cope with the extra demands.

One of these Water Establishments is the Bekaa Water Establishment (BWE) which operates in the Bekaa Valley. BWE has faced major challenges due to the status of neglect of the water supply, wastewater and irrigation infrastructure it took over after the civil war period. BWE misses the capacities and capabilities to address these challenges effectively. Policies and regulatory frameworks are sometimes in place but implementation and enforcement practices need improvement.

With this long-term cooperation with BWE, we will focus on improved capacity of BWE. We will bring our Waternet expertise to BWE to work on more equitable and sustainable use of water resources and improved performance of wastewater collection and treatment. Moreover, we will strengthen BWE further by enhancing the relationship with municipalities. We run use the our best practices in terms of marketing campaigning, to underline the urgency of the stress on water resources, and therewith increasing the willingness to pay by its customers. The more customers pay their water bills,  the more resources BWE receives to improve its water services even more! Previous to the signing of the MoU, we have already started working with BWE as from February 2017. Many Waternet Experts have visited BWE in the past month and met many employees of BWE to work on these issues. The people of BWE always know how to make us feel at home. Their professionalism and know-how give us confidence and motivation for this project. We look forward to continuing working with BWE in the coming years!