Knowledge sharing is key

World Waternet builds long-term partnerships with local water organisations and facilitates knowledge dissemination between countries and regions. This is how World Waternet contributes to the United Nations Development Goals, as well as to the Development- and the Economic Goals of Amsterdam and The Netherlands.

Long-term cooperation is the key to success


The main pillar: sharing knowledge on all aspects of the water cycle


Sharing waterexpertise: good for everyone!

Expertise & trade

Good water management is needed the most in Africa. About World Waternet’s focus on Africa

The Africa Strategy
Lidi Remmelzwaal, chairperson of World Waternet

"Water problems call for integrated solutions. And World Waternet offers solutions for these problems in the world "

Lidi Remmelzwaal, chairperson of World Waternet


If you would like to learn more about our approach or contribute to our goals with the expertise of your organisation, then please contact World Waternet.