Building reliable water treatment plants and sanitary facilities in underdeveloped regions is a long and complex process. Managing these systems effectively and efficiently is also very time consuming. We take that time. World Waternet offers long-term support to public water organisations to enable them to eventually operate independently.

Water Operators' Partnerships (WOPs)

World Waternet works with local governments and public water companies in peer-support arrangements called WOPs (Water Operators' Partnerships). WOPs have been formed in Indonesia, Egypt, Surinam, Morocco and South Africa, and are always based on long-term, equal partnerships. As partners World Waternet exchanges technical, organisational and institutional knowledge. We offer technical advice and coaching, and provide assistance in managing all aspects of the water cycle. As leader in integrated water management, we can make a difference.

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Source of inspiration

The most important success factors of our approach are our commitment to long-term partnerships and the transfer of knowledge and skills. World Waternet actively promotes this approach among its international network and inspires other organisations and NGOs to do the same. Our activities in this area include receiving foreign delegations, attending international conferences and taking part in international trade missions.

Joining forces

In the Netherlands, we bring our approach to the attention of, for example, water supply companies, water boards, ministries, universities, universities of applied sciences, the business community and the Association of Netherlands Municipalities (VNG). At international meetings we encourage water organisations from economically developed countries to form Water Operators' Partnerships with peer companies in developing countries.